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Ruben Sardaryan, CEO and Founder of Infocratic. Armenia, Canada


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Ruben Sardaryan has a Chief Data Officer profile with a technology background.

Starting to code at 8, Ruben became a professional software developer at 15. He worked for a number of Silicon Valley EDA companies, mainly developing large-scale CAD software. Then he made a career at Questrade, Canada, moving from an engineering role to becoming Head of Data & Analytics, leading a 50 person team, and running transformative programs involving hundreds of people. He has built multiple teams and delivered a large number of software, data & analytics solutions.

Ruben has managed Questrade’s data landscape for a decade, winning awards and his teams setting a number of industry records. He helped take the firm from a startup to being #1 Canadian fintech. His portfolio included over 200 internal and external data products, managing self-service analytics programs, and handling organization’s data strategy, along with building a strong data governance & management culture.

After Questrade, Ruben has founded his own consulting firm, Infocratic, dedicated to helping organizations unleash more value from information faster. Through Infocratic, Ruben has provided strategic data and technology advice, as well as solution delivery to a number of organizations in finance, insurance, media, advertising, logistics, technology and services industries.

Throughout his career, Ruben has developed a data-centric view of the world, gradually building a perception of data and information as a separate substance, decoupled from technology. This perception has evolved into a deep and practical understanding of how economics of information works both inside and outside of businesses.

Ruben is also the CTO and Co-Founder of a Language-First Knowledge Graph company Semantium.

He is also the author of the Data-Centric Executive online course that aims to change how people think about using information and data in organizations.

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