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Paul Barry, Papua New Guinea, Sydney, Los Angeles

Topic: Business Resilience: Business Heart

Nobody of significance ever changed the world alone.

In his TEDx talk, Paul Barry encourages swimming across currents, breaking patterns and poking holes in sacred cows, in order to create the desired transformation in one's business and life.

An LA-based Australian citizen, born in Papua New Guinea, Paul has always been inspired by the world, and by the visionaries who shape it. People that don't fit in, so instead, they stand out. Those who zig when others zag;. Those who jump as others duck. 

Using the principles of transformation discovered in his 20+ years as a writer, actor, director, and coach for stage and screen, Paul Barry helps change-maker business owners grow the influence, authority, engagement, and reach they need in order to create greater impact and fulfill their missions of elevating the world in a positive and meaningful way.

Paul encourages aspiring change-makers to see what could be and what might be, rather than what should be or what will be, and that the answer to, ‘is it possible?, is always ‘yes’.

However, budding visionaries often struggle to truly see the potential in the whole picture with clarity. Due to bias and ‘sunk costs’ invested in a venture or idea, it can be challenging to see it the way it actually is. As a client of Paul’s once said, "It's like I was standing so close that all I could see was gray. You Paul saw the whole elephant!". 

With thousands of clients over a 30-year period, from around the world, Paul helps thought-leaders, game-changers and paradigm-shifters define, refine and sometimes entirely reframe their messaging, offer, or systems, in order to scale their influence, authority, and impact in the world.

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Led by Dr. Joy Vaughan, a Neurocognitive Coach who is passionate about helping individuals and organizations reinvent themselves through resilience, as a C-Suite Executive, Director, Talent Manager, or Entrepreneur you'll discover a new level of clarity, confidence and direction to move your business into the future successfully.

As a collective International group, which stands for the success of individuals and businesses, Dr. Joy and her esteemed colleagues have formulated empowerment tools to scale your business to bring Resilience to companies and individuals all over the world. Our program is cultivated as the ultimate gain for sponsors, through business matching for those companies who want to expand their offerings nationwide, internationally, including Barbados and the Caribbean.


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