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Deven Patel

Business Resilience Summit Topic: Medical Tourism

I Admire People Who Dare to Dream. Power Belongs to Those Who Dare to Follow Their Dream.
So.... “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

My Excruciating and Humbling Life Experiences:

Guess what? I would love to tell you about how amazing is my globetrotting lifestyle, my stem cell research global conglomerate, and my picture perfect life, but my life is nothing short of that rather much more divergent, defiant and full of diversity yet at the same time eye-opening, humbling, full of grace and life learnings.

I have experienced:
◼ 3rd degree skin burn (half of my belly was burn) as a child
◼ Brain injury and short term memory loss in my early teens in motorcycle accident
◼ Migrated to USA in my teens and away from the family
◼ Build my career and family
◼ Made money, lost money and made money again
◼ Life crisis & trials
◼ Got involved and several different businesses
◼ Ended up developing and leading......bleeding edge stem cell research organization
◼ Survived near death car accident with huge loader truck in February 2020
◼ Now embarking on nation building exercise in West Africa for young Africans.
◼ Now developing space exploration enterprise

So, my journey was not without any challenges and I'm sure many of you can relate well. All these life experiences made me humble, non-judgmental and open to possibilities. It made me more comfortable with my own vulnerability which allowed me to connect with more and more people at a deeper level. This gave me great insight into human inner workings and their intuitive capabilities, so you and I can tap into this unstoppable power within.

I want to offer my life experiences in business and life to all who may not be able to afford expensive coaches. This is my way of paying it forward.

The power of your mind and heart to manifest your dreams into reality is way more powerful than you can ever imagine. So together let's break all those barriers and soar to new heights you have always imagined.

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